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Last time there was an Accord in this spot, it was a 2019 LX loaner one (Odyssey's brokenish again, too)

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Dirty Accord is dirty, drove over wet gravel yesterday. Anyways, the day before when I started the Odyssey for the family to go somewhere, I heard a terrible rattling noise coming from the front. Popped open the hood to see the coolant cap and entire radiator shaking very badly, as if the bushings went out or something. Called my dad over and he looked at it, went to get my phone record stopped. It would come back in small bursts of no more than 2 seconds until it stopped entirely. Weird. So yesterday we took it to the dealer (whose service quality has actually gone up in recent months due to staff turnover) only to hear that the radiator was perfectly fine. Having seen and heard what it was doing, I was afraid it was just shitty technicianship (is that even a word?) and requested to have them show me. Went back there, took off the cowl and bumper to check thoroughly and sure enough, everything looked fine. Explained in as much detail as possible what happened and we all dat there confused as hell as to why it would do that, stop, and then nothing was ever wrong. I’m not necessarily complaining because hell, if it’s fine then it’s fine, but the fact that it happened to begin with is what’s a bit unsettling. It also needs a power steering pump too, they wanted to charge like $500+ for it but that’s something I can do myself with the help of my school’s lifts and stuff for a fraction of that. Would’ve been covered by warranty but that unfortunately expired literally a few days ago (Odyssey was bought on 1/01/13, it is now 7 years old and out of extended warranty), so oh well. Anyways, what could be causing my radiator gremlin? And how is it that it stopped and was completely undetectable a day later even though it was moving a lot?


P.S. I also find it ironic this happened a day after my friends and I installed a radiator into the Integra

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