So, looks like the good weather has left us. Last on important things to do was to plug the open hole in my block and correct what is normally the easiest service that anyone can do: checking the oil. Why is this so big of a deal?

Well, factory oldsmobile dipsticks cannot fit with headers. Believe me, I tried. Ruined two replacement tubes as the dipstick cannot bend down the passages required. This would require a flexible aftermarket replacement, which isnt made for this application! Neat.


Thanks to the oldsmobile forums, i was able to determine that this lokar replacement would work, with some modification. Namely, grinding off the side that fits flush with the block. I also had to buy another (!?!) Dipstick, as the stick itself is for an ls engine and is too short. This sort of works, as i need to use one stick as a placeholder. The inner tube isnt long enough to prevent the stick from getting pulled into the bottom end, so a placeholder is necessary.

All to check the oil.

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