and, in many ways, it was pretty quiet; turning ~11k (high as that is) just couldn't sound like, ceteris paribus, the 18k of F1, or even the Indy engines from 2012. It was a great race but I missed the noise.

Fast-forward to 2014. Now F1 is quiet too.

**I've been stuck here a few mins trying to say this next bit in a positive way**

...Well, I'm glad for all the high-quality racing out there. I'm glad for the tech-push, as well. It just is going to benefit us that manufacturers are breaking ground with a variety of rolling efficiency experiments.

All of that being said, the shrieking symphony of cylinders brought something so dramatic and wonderful to each racing event that, for me, is unmatched by the tech-nouveau being implemented across racing series, particularly this year.


I think I appreciate the racing just the same, but am less entertained. What about you?