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Last year in my furniture design

I don’t post here much any more, and few of you probably know this, but I’m getting a degree in Industrial Design with a concentration in furniture design. Here’s my most recent work


It was a bit of a compromise, considering I’m also building a car on the side right now (more news on that coming soon, I promise). simple form, just two boxes. I think it came out alright though. Haven’t had the chance to take good photos of it yet. Here’s my lamp from last semester:

Here’s my table from last spring:


While I do fabricate all of these myself I don’t consider myself a wood worker, and that’s not what I want for my career path. It’s important for me as a designer to understand the processes that go into building something like this so I can design for production.


This has been a short self promotion post, just kinda updating y’all on what I’m doing.

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