I was going through old family photo albums to find pictures to go with a paper. These have nothing to do with that but I wanted to share (given the appreciation for 80's Euro). The paper is about a few places in Germany so all the photos are from Germany.

Anyone up for some car spotting? 1988 West Berlin.

A cool non auto picture, Brandenburger Tor in 1988. Flanked by Soviet flags with the flag of the DDR on top. The Quadriga was turned around to face the east.

I know the purpose of this was to photograph the mountain, but here is a Rover dealership in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. More car spotting opportunities to be had here.


Our yellow 240.4 E. Not a bad looking machine, don't you think?


And finally the first brand new car my parents got, the 740GL. They had to get it because of me, the Mercedes did not have rear belts to attach a car seat to. This was a pretty solid machine. We had it for 12 years, too bad my parents got rid of it before I was old enough to drive. I always thought it was kind of neat.