So my mother just called me, my parents 2015 Passat decided to not receive input from either remote at the grocery store today. Seems no one ever bothered to show them how to remove the lock cylinder cap when this happens. I explained to her how to pop the cap off and use the key blade to unlock the door. They started it up, drove home, and the keyless system has worked fine since.

Any VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda (I’m assuming the key/remote system is fairly similar across the board) owners run into this before? I run into it all the time at work (body shop), systems need to be reset after battery removal/component replacement in doors. Speaking of which, I wish my parents had remembered I’ve spent 20 years doing this before my cardiac patient dad trudged 2 miles home in 28F weather.

I just found it odd that the system decided to say “nope” randomly in the grocery store parking lot. Remote receiver/control module getting ready to fail?