Late Night Bad Decisions

This poor thing desperately needs to be saved from this owner.

Also, sorry if you’re a member, but not sorry as well for look at what you’ve done.


I’ve been looking for an e30 vert as it is definitely droptop season here in Arizona (sorry everyone east of me)and I came across this a week or so ago. I got the same feeling I get when a commercial about adopting dogs came on. Which is: drop everything and save this from the evils of the world.

I’ll admit he’s done some decent work at a great, local BMW indy shop, but he also says he’s only put about a grand or so into it. Which means he bought he like this, which means there are others out there doing these things to machines like this...

It’s disheartening, really. He cops to the body kit being beat up, but manages to back track that statement to say the kit still looks good. Which makes two things wrong with that statement:

1. That body kit, even when new, looked good

2. That even though it’s “pretty beat” it STILL looks good...

That has to be the worst fittting, ebay-ass, duraflex kit i’ve ever seen on *any* car, let alone an e30.


There are so many things wrong with this car I don’t know where to begin. I don’t care about the odometer being out, not the top having rips, seeing how i’d only drive with it down anyway, and the blacked out kidney grille can easily be fixed. For some reason the red shift boot bothers me, but it’s mainly those terrible rims, which have to be a knock off, seeing as a full set seem to be under $400. It’s the cheap looking two tone paint, seriously who does this to an e30? A quick vin check shows it was schwarz black from factory, but I also noticed the carpets are tan. Which confuses me seeing that the dash, door frames, and center counsel are black.

I know the tan interior sometimes had black carpet, was it the same for black interior? I digress..


Even with my griping, I would still buy this for $2k. I’m sure I could find some wheels easily on CL or facebook market, and I could easily call the shop he took it to and ask about it since I also take my wagon to the same place.

The reason I know I won’t be buying this, is the paint and body kit. I probably would pull the trigger if it was one or the other, but a proper kit for this could easily be a couple grand, and same if not more, to paint the rest of the body black. I refuse to paint cars any color than their factory, and it’d be just as much, if not more money (certainly more effort), to try and piece it back together from salvage yards.


Either way, this helped tire me out, thanks Oppo and goodnight.

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