It’s been my life goal since I was maybe 14 to own a Rolls Royce. You may have seen that I am considering selling my e24. Once it’s finished of course. What does OPPO think? I can handle anything mechanical, and I love a challenge. I don’t necessarily think everything should be original either. I already own one “unreliable” British car that I rebuilt after it sat two years. I can also weld (certified in TIG) and have a good amount of both time and space. I’m an electrical novice, but I’ve been learning as much as I can from my pops who was an electrician on both diesel and nuclear subs, and on aircraft carriers, including the kittyhawk. Am I certifiably insane still? Is this doable? I need this in my life, and would have several thousand dollars left over to pour into the car, be it an explorer 5.0 swap, or a 350, etc.

End result would be something similar to the car above minus the stance, and would be a DD.


So does someone have experience with these? Any thing to look out for? Any parts that would be very difficult to change over? (Other than the 5x155 wheels. What the hell Rolls.)