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Late night bad ideas - poor man's Porsche

You know those notions that come to you just as you’re falling asleep, and then the next day seem totally batshit? I had one last night, but it won’t go away.

The kit car scene used to be pretty big, building on the widespread availability of rwd platforms like the Ford Sierra. Since almost all cars of that sort have gone FWD, it’s become much harder to find any suitable donor car. Converting a car from FWD to RWD is a bit too complicated, normally.


So, how about buying any old FWD econobox, stripping it of bodywork, turning it round, welding the steering straight, and bolting a steering subframe from some other car onto what used to be the back end? Hey presto, instant rear-engined, RWD platform.

I am completely insane, I think.

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