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Late night beer and motorcycle musings

It’s nearly 2 am here and I hope everyone’s night has been as fine as mine. I’m enjoying an Ontario craft beer called Farmer’s Daughter. It’s a perfect mixture of sweet and bitter and I’ll be buying more of it. I’ve also been riding my girlfriend’s CBR250R tonight because my Ninja is sadly no longer with us and, for the first time, I really enjoyed it.


It’s been over 3 weeks since my ZX-6R was stolen and, unlike the beer, I’m still really bitter about it. It’s a bit silly to get so worked up over a machine but I truly hope I never meet the thieves face-to-face as it won’t end well for anyone. I’ve had some great moments with that bike and those memories will live on.

However life keeps going and I will soon be receiving compensation from my insurance company. It’s time for a new bike, and since it’s the end of the season it’s a good time to be a buyer. I’ve been eyeing the Daytona 675 and 675R, which I’m sure would make Peter Black jealous.

But tonight I had a bit of a breakthrough: I liked the little 250cc Honda. I still think it’s down on power - not just relative to my supersport - but it’s light and maneuverable. My example has 18k km on the clock and doesn’t feel very ‘fresh’ so it got me thinking... a good condition, lightweight, fun-to-ride-fast-slow-motorcycle might be in the cards. The notion of replacing a 120 HP rocket with something that has 1/3 the power still sounds crazy to me... but so is riding a 120 HP bike on the street. I did want to get out onto the track this year with my Kawi but that won’t happen.


So now I’m looking at Yamaha R3's and KTM RC390's I can test ride. Back to it!

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