Late night car shopping with E90M3

Did some brewery hopping today, and as a result I went to bed pretty early; consequently, I woke up at 1:50. How am I killing time until I’m tired again? Simple, unnecessary car shopping.

When I got into cars I wasn’t really a fan of Mercedes; however, cars like the W123 turned me into a fan. Of all the V8 super sedans that came out in 2008 (M3, C63, RS4, IS-F) the M3 was always my favorite with the C63 a very distant second. The lack of a manual and a hood ornament, cemented the fact I would buy an E9X M3. Now that the C63 has fallen into affordable car territory, I find myself lusting after one.


For 31k, this C63 is a pretty decent deal; in fact, it’s three years newer and has done less miles than my M3. I never really wanted for a C63 until I drove one. The glorious engine note coupled to the fact that it drives pretty great has made me want one. Plus, who would want to say no to this interior.

Because the M3 is paid for, I’m now in a position to be able to afford a C63. I also don’t drive 400+ miles a week, anymore, so fuel consumption becomes less of an issue. I know the cheaper solution would be to ditch the 3 and DD the M3, but the M3 is a car I’m not sure I ever want to get rid of. Sure, it’s a lot slower than the newer one, but it’s still a fantastic driving car.


Something like a C63 would quell my need to drive the M3 everyday. It might be excessive to have two fast German sedans, but I want another one. Don’t worry, I don’t want one enough to buy one with a CEL.

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