We’re talking multiple years in the future not... but how can a boy not dream?

So, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to afford a 2014 LS 460 any time soon... Still seeing many used examples well over 40 grand, low mileage examples pushing 55 Gs. Dramatic sigh for days.

I’ve accepted that these will never fall where I want them. They will be much like the Pontiac G8 GT: there will never be a justifiable price nor will there be any for sale anywhere ever. Especially the 6-speeds. I feel like if you get the SS, you HAVE the get the 6-speed.


A GS 350 F-sport (RWD) seems my best bet. Plenty of examples under $30,000, and sure to be more with the passage of time. Get me some o’ dat red leather.

I like the idea, but would I ever actually buy one? It’s only available with the 1.8T... I don’t think I’m going to drop coin on any car that has less power than my current ride. I don’t think I can ever go backwards on that one.


The Golf R would be a hell of a dark horse in this competition. I don’t think it fits my style of driving. I like comfort and straight line pedal-mashing when I need it, and just a few windy corners in between. But the R seems all fun all the time — fun is not how I’d describe myself personally, nor for my driving habits. Would love to test drive one, though.


I feel like I have to own one german luxury car before I kick the bucket, right? The E91 is and always will be in the back of my mind. I would prefer the NA V6 I got called out for saying V6 like a shady ad on Craigslist :( with a stick, and rear wheel drive. Ownership does scare me just a bit, but with how much I’ve already spent on my Lexus, I feel like I’m emotionally/financially prepared, as long as I shop for a good specimen. And seldom drive it like I am now. Plus, if I ever buy a house with a DECENT SIZED GARAGE [eye twitches], then my little Lexus will probably get lonely and a wagon friend to keep him company.