I’ve got my desk set up in the guest bedroom of the new house (or more accurately, the extra bed is set up in my computer room), and the dogs like to accompany me for oppo browsing. Shelby watches from her nest of pillows. Soft places to lay are very important to her.

The Head of Household Security has taken to laying at my feet under the desk when we’re in here. Ellie is incredibly hard to get a good picture of, and this is probably one of the better ones I’ve gotten of her. She gets offended when you point a camera or phone in her general direction.

Overall, the doggos love the new house. The backyard is about three times bigger than our old one, which means Ellie can actually get up to speed running around in it. In her role at Head of Household Security, she really likes that there is very little traffic of any kind here and very few people coming and going in the neighborhood. The lab/pitbull mix is obsessed with catching and eating fascinated with the greater array of wildlife that graces the yard and its many places to take naps in the sun since we all spend more time outside now.


Registering her displeasure at having her picture taken.