Working late as usual - had time for this one for the DSM gearheads (yes we are a dying breed) but this one became too much not to share

What's Mitsu's recipe for an Evo?

1) Take a 4 door Mirage/Lancer

2) Add mad HP

3) Dont worry about the shitty interior

4) Profit???

So Mitsu perfected this formula somewhere between the Evo 4 or 5 however, it never made the Evo a Coupe, but somewhere deep in the recesses of Northern California, this vehicle from the Island of Dr. Moreau came back to life trying to follow the exact formula but something went awry....

A DSM-insane-lover close to lovely Modesto, CA, who apparently has put enough mods to get a 4cyl 1995 Mirage coupe to do a claimed 450HP out of one of the weakest DSM platforms/chassis out there. And you want $6,000 because you are posting for a friend - And if the exterior doesn't make you run away, the Interior will. NPoCP for this one: Find it here


Plus dude, is that next to you your GF's cool hot-pink Suzuki Esteem??? Baller!!!