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Late Night/Early Morning Oppo

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Spent the vast majority of yesterday doodling this little boi (with some extra liveries but that was for a pal of mine. I’m sure you’ll see it around here sooner or later). Then I ate 1/4th of a 30 inch Lazy Moon pizza since I’d barely eaten (that comes out to be about 176 inches of pizza... or two comically large slices). I passed out soon after, so I didn’t post yesterday, but here I am now. It’s currently 6am in the sunshine state, which is a nice change of pace from waking up around noon.


That’s all I had to say other than good morning.

Gif: Mauro Gatti (Other)

*Slight addition to my post: I’ve been able to publish on here for like two days and now I have to cite my sources like I’m writing an english paper. Bummer.*

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