Tires, of the less sticky variety

I got to thinking recently about picking up another set of Azenis 615k+ to put on the old 14"CRX rollers. Seeing as Discount Direct has a $100 off on $400 or more coupon on ebay this week, they just relieved me of $333 (shipped to my door, with sales tax) that I wasn’t really planning on spending at the moment.

While they will never be used at a race weekend for anything short of a biblical rain event, they are handy in that they open the option of running the car at open track/lapping days if I want to. This is especially nice since there is no longer an SCCA race at the track nearest to me, so I can at least play informally at the local track. Race rubber is too expensive and short lived for me to run anything less than real race weekends on.

I’ve always liked Falken Azenis for testing and lapping tires. They’re nice and predictable, and they last forever. I’m convinced that they never actually cord, they just eventually turn rock hard with enough heat cycles. The current set of rollers were something I actually tried to kill after they got way too old and hard at the last session of the last informal winter series Spec Miata “race” the car ran. Lap after lap of lighting up the front tires on ridiculously excessive mid-corner throttle application and standing on the brake pedal with all four locked up into the high speed braking zone into turn one, and all they did was get more and more flat spotted. I tried to cord them and couldn’t. They’re now too dry rotted to even think about driving at speed on, although they would probably make for a good impression of skid plate racing at this point.