Is there a name for a phobia of illogical things? I was thinking about some of the stuff that illogically frightens me and realized that what they have in common is a propensity to do things with no rhyme or reason and with little regard to expected behaviour. Most of the time my reaction is anger. If, for example, a brand new car were to throw a rod and no cause for the failure could be found. I would be pissed. That makes no sense. No reason for it. But it more applies to people. Small children and mentally ill people. I can’t stand being near either. It’s not insensitivity, but the oftentimes random verbal ejaculations and nonsensical behavior results in a very strong urge to *get away*.

Interestingly this phobia doesn’t apply to disorder or entropy. Entropy is logical. Stuff returns to chaos. That makes sense. It happens for a reason. A toddler running up to me and yelling “I LOVE CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!” is likely to freak me out a bit. It’s so out of left field and for absolutely no purpose. I had a co-worker that would be sitting there in silence and then randomly say something like “one time my cat threw up on a book” and then not speak for another ten minutes. Why? What the fuck!? Dude creeped me the hell out.


Uh, rant over I guess.

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