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I try to keep most of my posts car-related since this is Oppo but this is technically an off-topic blog so I figure I can ask for some advice from strangers on the internet periodically.


Here’s the deal, I’ve come to the realization over the past few months that I need to get my life on track if I want to achieve my goals for the next few years. I even chose to hold off on my dream of owning an e46 M3 for a little while longer in favor of a BRZ since it should be more of a workhorse of a daily. I realized that I need a loyal side-kick that’ll be there for me while I try and get my ducks in a row. Then I can go and get that M3 — as much as it pains me to wait longer.

Because of that, I have become motivated to try and get an MBA as soon as possible to help reach my goal. I figure that I should get the MBA now (I’m in my early mid-twenties) while I still have the time and energy. However, I will need to continue working while I work towards the MBA so it’ll most likely be a local university rather than a prestigious top 5 university. My plan is to complete the MBA on the down-low and then take it from there after I am able to complete it.


So my question is, are there any Oppos who are currently or have completed an MBA? Would you say it was worth it? Is it worth getting an MBA from a non-top tier school?

Have a BRZ similar to the one I got last week for your time.

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