Late-night musing: The ZDX was such a failure that it's almost exciting when you find one in the wild.

300hp, AWD, and useless.

I think I’ve seen 3 in the last year. It’s too bad Acura failed where BMW and Mercedes are thriving - Coupe-U-V abominations - but I think the facts are that those two brands can sell anything and people will buy them. Anyway, I got bored and looked up the sales figures for these and was surprised.

That’s only 6,119!

For reference, I commonly hear that the IS Sportcross is considered rare (and damn sure felt like it finding one), as they sold barely over 3,000 units in the states. But the ZDX only sold 6,119 units. I looked up how many R350s sold, trying to think of another somewhat uncommon luxury SUV. But shows what I know: Mercedes sold over 50,000!

So is the ZDX destined to be rare? Still not desirable maybe, but how soon before we start gawking at them as we pass them on the interstate due to the sheer novelty of its presence?

There’s quite a few for sale locally, some even under $20,000... Just 20 grand for a low-miles late model, AWD, 300 hp, luxury SUV coupy thing... And they still can’t get them off the lots.

Not bad tho.

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