Hey Oppo,

I had an idea about how to make the Audi TT more interesting, worth buying, and actually raising it to a possible Cayman competitor. The concept is “relatively” simple. Swap ends. Thats right give it the MR2 treatment if the MR2 had started life as a two door corolla. Heres my reasoning. Right now the Audi TT only comes with an electronically activated 7 speed auto, thats good, because we don’t have to worry about a direct connection to the transmission, we just run wires from the paddles to the tranny. Secondly if the steering isn’t already, have it electrically assisted, again to reduce complexity (if any) of having it away from the engine and a power steering pump. swap out the location of the muffler and cat (the biggest problem in the current design would be routing the exhaust without folding back on itself and cutting power output). Put muffler where radiator is currently. Third put radiator on top of engine and route the air through air ducts to the radiator. Fourth get with Porsche for the suspension setup since they’re stable mates and they know a thing or two about rear weight bias.


Result, a Porsche suspensioned, rear transverse engined, rear-biased quattro AWD little sports car. Sure its not a direct competitor, but for people who want a small all-weather sports car for every day use it might just fit the bill.

Crude drawing below laying out a basic concept for duct placement.