So, as i’ve mentioned before in here, i’m in college, and own a 300whp GLI. for some inexplicable reason, i don’t think my car is quick enough and i’m already (a month after i spent a stupidly large sum of money) thinking what to get next.

Thing is, i don’t regret spending the money on a car, i just don’t know if what i did was the right thing. My other options all either included a car payment (this way i don’t have one) or buying a car with much more potential, but much less reliability (say what you want about VW reliability, i’ve never had a major issue with mine)

So, i’ve set some new goals:

My car’s un-sellable. it’s highly modded, and has been hit twice. what i put in to the car to make the power is more than the damn thing is worth. I’m glad i have such a sleeper on my hands, but i can’t help thinking,
would i have had more fun in a 996 911 C2S, or a Jaguar XK? i could have easily bought either of those, but i decided to mod my jetta instead. I just don’t know if i’m making moves that will benefit me down the road, and that worries me.

No real reason for this post, just had to write my frazzled thoughts down somewhere. here’s a nice cars for your time.


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