Late night Oppo: Alfalfa's thoughts on The Fast and the Furious

It’s on Netflix, I’ve only ever seen clips, never desired to see any more. But my wife isn’t home and I need something to watch while I fold laundry. I’ll be updating this with my thoughts and impressions.

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I haven’t seen this many DSMs since... well 2001.

Using tuna to move the plot along. That’s clever.

You know they mean business when they won’t let the pizza man through.

You’d think they wouldn’t all have the same color underglow if they wanted to stand out.



That’s where they used their alloted one ‘fuck’ for a PG-13 movie!?

“You want time, buy the magazine”. Whut.

I’m looking at my hands that still have grease stains from days ago and laughing at their immaculate hands as their elbows deep in an engine bay


Hold up, when did Vin Deisel develop a space impedement? I just noticed that he’s not talking funny in this movie

The bad guys are the only ones with cool cars.

“Oh shit they're shooting at me, better take my protective gear off."

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