Well it happened on just the third ride I’ve had since getting my 2015 KLR.

.....I fell over in a parking lot. >_<.

I was wearing full gear so it literally didn’t hurt and my bike only has a bit of scratching on the end of the handle bar and the rear bit of plastic needs to be re-mounted but other than that it’s perfect.


In my defense I thought a car to my left was gonna blow a stop sign so I stopped, leaned away refelxively which leaned the bike which, when standing still, is very apt to fall over....I now know what this feels like.

The only damage may have been to my pride, but it still was a shock. However, I have now joined the ranks of KLR owners. Hell, the bike stayed running during the fall (I shut it off ASAP). How does the saying go? “To know if your bike is ready to go around the world, kick it on its side. If you can stand it back up without shedding a tear and nothing breaks, you’re on the right path”. I figure it just has a bit of character now

Pic is not my bike, but probably will be my bike in the future

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