I got the trailer for Sylvester Stallone in “Cobra” (1986), the infamous pizza scene, the way overescalating car chase, and the cheesy supermarket scene for you all below. Watch the third video down first if you dont want an epic car moment spoiled for you since it’s in the trailer directly below.

You know what? I just realized that Buick and GMC of all brands did a great job matching the cultural trends from the late 80s and early 90s action movies. Sorry, was just juxtaposing 80s cars and 80s action and kind of laughing at how detached from everyday life everyone wanted to be. Really was a time to live in a fantasy world as a character of your own making. Even the cars kind of depicted that fictional self-projection of a badass while actually being stuck as a real world blandass.

By the way, in my head, this movie is pretty much how I view my day-to-day life.