I’m going to be in London with the days mostly to myself for five days. I figured I’d fly somewhere else in Europe on Saturday. I was initially thinking Paris as I know how to get around the city pretty well and love hanging out there. Now I’m thinking Barcelona because it is my favorite city on earth and it would be an especially interesting time to visit. There are also cheap flights to Rome which is a place I haven’t been in about a decade.

However, this may be the last time I visit Europe for a while, and am thinking maybe I shoukd go somewhere new (Belgium, Norway...). Help me Oppo. I need to keep the flights olunder €200 total.

I’m leaning towards Barcelona.

Also, my bag is still lost, so if you could all pray to your chosen deities that it is found before I leave Ireland it would be much appreciated.

A Catalan Cactus for your time.