My job, life, and everything else.

Just a year and a half in, my job has me in a deep state of depression at work lack of hope that it will get better. I feel like I have gone above and beyond expectations and have been told I have even kept a project worth millions on track. All this while going 15 months with no raise and no hope of promotion. All I can think about is leaving but then I get home and dread going back in the morning. I’ve been told by multiple people that they or the people that they have talked to absolutely want to hire me but budget concerns, and experience are an issue. Oh well. My wife works night so it was easy to turn to alcohol a little more than I should but luckily I can control it unlike some. I just have a beer or two every couple nights because I enjoy the taste. I started playing hockey on Tuesdays to help with the boredom/frustration so that’s been a good release. Just hoping to get more ice time now.


On the automotive writing side, everything is really looking up. RFD has treated me well enough that a connection made through there has gotten me a paying freelance gig. It’s with a well known online publication but I am waiting to announce it as official until an article is published and I get paid. I have talked with some others and they seem interested, but I need to wait for the budgets to come through and the right stories to come up. I should be getting some Mercedes pressers here soon though so that’s fun!

The greyhounds are great, the wife is great, I own a fun car I really enjoy driving, and we’re in a pretty good position financially. I really can’t complain that life is not good, I just wish the place I spend 1/2 my waking time wasn’t enveloping the rest of my life.

If anyone read this far thanks. Oppo is such a great community where I have met many of my best friends. I’ve done drives with Oppo members, I text Oppo members everyday, I play trivia with an Oppo member everyday, I’ve even had Oppo peeps stay in my house on multiple occasions(I see you E90M3 and underSTeerenthusiast). Thank you all for always being there for me and everyone else that just needs a place to vent.

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