Late night personal ramblings

I’m about 10 days away from finishing my two math classes, and once that’s done I can apply for an electrician apprenticeship with the local union. I’ll take an in-person test, and when I pass will be put into a waiting pool with all the other applicants who made the cutoff. The score determines where you stand in the waiting pool, which is why I’ve spent the last month studying my ass into the ground. I’m really gunning for the top 1% of scores to guarantee I not only pass the test, but actually get one of of the limited number of apprenticeships available.

Somewhat stressed, but confident.

I signed up with Habitat for Humanity as a construction volunteer, so I’ll be building homes in Sammamish 2 days a week. Should give me access to skills I desperately want, look good on the resume, and if I’m really lucky, the work might actually help someone in need.


Still no job, entering week 9. Money situation is somewhere between “okay-ish” and “let’s not talk about it”. I’m incredibly thankful I started good saving habits at my last job, as my situation would be completely different were it not for that. Based on my calculations I could make it to Christmas living frugally, although that would drain every cent.

At least, I could do that if it were not for “The Trip”.

Three nights in Tokyo, 6 nights in Bangkok, 3 nights in the Phi Phi Islands. 6 flights, 2 boat rides, numerous tuk-tuks, and more walking than I’d like to think about. All this with my best friend.

I decided pretty early on that I wouldn’t let my lack of employment keep me from going, and I’m very glad I made that choice. It has added an extra layer of complexity to my life though, trying to balance cash-flow and time in such a way that nothing conflicts or leaves me in the red.

Just today I finalized all the lodging plans, and I’m thanking all gods new and old that Thailand is such a cheap country. I’m equally thankful that a friend offered up their downtown Tokyo condo to us for free.


Flights are the next big thing, and I’m hoping to use a combination of Chase and Alaska Airlines points to net some good deals. After spending two hours on various airline sites trying to utilize airline partners, stopovers and blah blah blah, my eyes glazed over. I’m still a bit of an amateur in the world of award flights.

Volvo is for sale. I’ve already got interest, and eith any luck it will be gone this week. I’m sad to see it go, but I really don’t need to deal with a potentially massive headache of a car.


I’ve got my motorcycle course to look forward to in two weeks. Maybe that will be the next chapter in my automotive life.

I spent the last two days looking at land for sale about 40 miles north or east. The thought of building my own place from the ground up... Oh man. It speaks to me. I’m obviously not in the market now, but the friend I went with is tired of Seattle cost of living. I think he might buy some land soon...


This place was $120,000 for an 1.3 acres with a 4 car garage. Long driveway up a forested hill, with a gate at the top and bottom. There are provisions for water and electricity. Located in Arlington. Definitely the coolest place we saw. Live out the “living in a garage” dream.


I’ve realized I don’t want a dog. My buddy got his dog back from his parents’ and it really seems like he’s got a kid. Seeing how much work it is for a single person to handle has really turned me off. Way more responsibility and sacrifice than I currently want. Also it’s strange that Seattle has so few fenced-in dog parks, seeing as this area is near the top of the country in terms of dogs per household.

I would still love a cat.

I’ll probably get some type of part-time job soon, and I’m honestly thinking about math tutoring. I’d forgotten how much I love math.


Anyways, a bit rambly, but I’m two ciders deep on a Sunday afternoon and I’d rather talk to you all than some irl friend like a weirdo!

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