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Honestly, I think the saddest thing about this Kavanaugh hearing is that by drumming up an unverifiable sexual assault case and shoving a reluctant accuser in front of all of America, the Democratic party will not only still lose but also strike a blow against women.


A few years ago, I learned a valuable lesson: Don’t take a bet unless you’re pretty much certain you will win. In this case, they did the opposite. It’s like there are 50 drunk leprechauns trying to drive the party at the same time and it’s going no where.

And if you’re thinking to yourself: Aha! But if they confirm Kavanaugh, then it will fire up the base and they’ll vote in droves at the midterms!

Then you have to remember: that was at the cost of women’s rights and the dignity of someone who was never given a fair trial. Frankly, I think that cost was FAR too high.

Meanwhile, and yes - I will continue to harp on this, Canada can import R34 Skylines and we can’t. Congress, get back to work and get rid of the stupid 25 year import ban.



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