I’m jealous of people who live in rural areas with smaller police forces. They maintain a serious presence in the Boston suburbs, which is great because they’re so safe (thanks guys and gals in blue). But combined with poor visibility on winding, hilly, tree lined new england roads, the fact that there could easily be a cop around the next corner means speeding tickets are inevitable if you don’t leave the area to do your fun driving.

Another downside of large, well-funded police forces (what a first world problem. I am should be ashamed of myself) is that they have SO MANY different cars. They get new ones constantly, as in multiple per year. My town’s force in particular seems to collect the damn things. They gotta catch ‘em all I guess. But that means the list of vehicles I need to be paranoid about is pretty long:

- Crown Vics obviously. Some staties are still driving these; no wonder they’re so mean. Or maybe that’s because I was speeding and now they’re standing on the side of the highway with 18 wheelers flying by. Hmmm. Maybe both.

- Ford Explorers obviously. It should be illegal to buy these. Obviously I’m kidding but the people who put bull bars on the front of these should be shot.

- Dodge Challengers. These should be illegal too. And I would also happily shoot people who put bull bars on these, in case you were wondering.


- Ford Tauruses. Rare but nevertheless used around here, often as undercovers with no lights. Fortunately they aren’t common enough for psychopaths to put bull bars on though.

- Chevy Suburbans. The newest terror roaming the streets. I saw my first one last week, an undercover at a traffic stop. So now I have to be paranoid about these too.


So - what’s your area’s police presence like, and how does it effect your driving? My TL/DR answer is that I have to be very careful in the suburbs. But as you’d expect, the closer you get to the city, the less interested cops are in handing out traffic tickets. They have actual problems to take care of and pulling people over in the city = traffic nightmare.