I have a problem. Being an avid reader of this site, a car enthusiast, and just a bit nutty in general, I'm planning a budget car build with my dad for this summer. I have a pretty solid vision of what I want to do, have the money and time to do it over the summer, and things seem to be all in line.

However, I'm the black sheep in the family. I'm the only one with any sort of love for cars. To the rest of them, I'm just the crazy kid on his laptop reading forums, playing Gran Turismo, and checking Craigslist Cars and Trucks a few too many times. Has anyone else found themselves the only one in their life into cars? And how can you help/make your loved ones understand?

I apologize for the tremendous amounts of feelings and mushy-gushy stuff in this post, its far past my bedtime. A Reliant Robin racing league for your time.