TL;DR at the end if you don't feel like reading all of this.

Today sucked.

The sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing, and class was cancelled. I decided to tend to the pile of parts in my dorm room and maybe install my bumper. Jacked the truck up, unscrewed all of the right screws and tried to remove the grille, it wouldn't come off. After a hour, I said screw it and when I decided to lower the truck. As I was picking my tools off the ground I inspected my mud coated suspension. The UCA was rubbing on my resi line. Well, shit. I fiddled for that for a half a hour and ended up being too flustered to get anything done and wait to use the shop.

Back story: A couple weeks ago, I asked a fellow member of the 4x4 club I'm in if I could use his shop, he agreed to ask, but he has been busy and I've been waiting to use his lift and help.

Sitting here I realized I can't sit my ass and expect that one day I'll get it done. I'm fearful that those previous thoughts are an indicator of an ever rising boredom and frustration with my truck. Partly, I think it's a lack of a good workspace, but ultimately it's my current irritability with every thing(school, roommate). My truck is still my escape, I even drove out of town to find some dirt yesterday, but why don't I love working on it as much as I used to?


Last year, I installed everything in the winter with my Carhartt soaked from the snow and ice, busted knuckles, and a smile on my face , now, in perfect spring weather I swear and scowl. I even miss the summer before moving to school when the Chinese soft top I ordered wouldn't fit on the back of my truck all the while my buddies blasted Christian gospel from the cab to instigate my ever-rising temper.

What is it? I'll figure it out, but I won't be giving up the keys, that's for sure.


Have you ever been there, Oppo?

TL;DR: Frustrated with parts installation. Worried I might be losing love for my truck. Have you been there?