Late night semi-drunk idea - Terlingua Focus ST!

Right, so, one sentence history - Caroll Shelby and his drinking friends once owned a small town in Texas called Terlingua and they used it as an excuse to have an official logo and coat of arms for shenanigans. Later in life, they used this as a brand identity to go racing. Because of COURSE they would! But the black rabbit on yellow paint (or yellow rabbit on a black hood on a yellow car) doesn’t fly too often anymore.

I have half a mind to do up my triple yellow FoST as if it was done up by the boys for a Terlingua job. Historically - Terlingua mustangs pack V6s, not V8s. THese aren’t the firebreathers - but they pack a surprising gallop and compete in a different sphere than the typical GT350 or what have you. Plus my girlfriend love love love LOVES rabbits and rabbit based designs and she works at a place that I think can cut me some I might be able to schmooze some decals for free or for cheap....


The idea would be to copy this design:

But put it on a 2017 Focus ST, and change the number to 17


Would I look like too much of a tool? I think it’d be really unique and different. Plus a ton of fun. Not many people drive around with a rabbit on their hood!

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