We got about a foot of snow here in Boston last night. I went out to do some shoveling to make it easier before work this morning.

Plenty of snow on the rear spoiler. (wicked dark, sorry about that) It was so fluffy I wanted to stuff a pillow and stay overnight at the ice hotel. (If the image is rotated, don't know why...KINJA!!!!!!!)

When I got outside the snow was originally a few inches below the licence plate holder. Not bad winter, not bad.

After clearing the driveway and my car I figured I should make my way over to the nearby mall and see if the lots were empty (they were). I had a quick track set up in my mind and figured parts of it would be unplowed (which ended up being the case). I mapped out the route:


After a couple laps I was joined by what I could tell was a blue coupe. Snow was flying and I couldn't figure out what it was (not very knowledgeable) but I guessed it was a mid-late 90's Honda. Quick GIS has me leaning towards a Honda CRX.

Anywho, all said the track was only about .3 miles in length but a few good laps there and some powdered donuts made my evening end on a good note.