Witnessed car accidents edition. Inspired by a comment by themanwithsauce, why I have automotive PTSD around 6th gen Accords.

In high school I was friends with a girl who drove a 6th gen Accord. She was a terrible driver. It wasn’t long after getting the car that she was in her first small accident. This trend continued for several months until the front end damage to her car was severe enough that the hood no longer latched.


As such, the hood was ingeniously ( /s ) rigged shut with a bungie cord. This solution worked well enough as the car was driven only about a quarter mile back and forth to school.

One day a group of us decided to go to the movies, I think it was Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Our small group of 6 people wouldn’t fit into 1 car, so 4 of us jumped into my TA and one guy joined her in the Accord.

We drove there without issue, watched the movie, and left in the same cars. I followed her onto highway 70, laughing and talking with my car full of friends.


At 70mph the bungie cord holding the hood down had failed. The hood had flung open into the windshield, throwing a cloud of glass dust everywhere. The Accord is now blindly weaving around the highway. From my car I start yelling directions trying to keep them from hitting anything


Fun fact: no matter how loud you yell, people in another car can’t hear you.

They narrowly avoid hitting one of those massive green exit signs and get the car stopped on the shoulder. I stopped behind them and ran up to check on them. There was glass everywhere, but luckily nobody was hurt or even cut.


Cops were called, and parents arrived. Apparently, she had been told not to drive on the highway (for obvious reasons). The force of the hood impact was pretty impressive, smashing the front foot of the roof pretty badly. More impressively, they repaired the car.

Fast forward about a month or two, shortly after the Accord she was repaired she got T-boned in an intersection and totaled the car. That’s how she got her nickname:

“Car Crash Katie”

Her parents bought her another Accord which she also wrecked multiple times, eventually leading to her current collapsed suspension Grand Marquis.


You know the dumbest part of this story is though? Shortly after getting her second Accord, we started dating. Ultimately, it’s a good thing that didn’t last, because I couldn’t have knowingly sentenced more cars to their untimely deaths.