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I am so fucking tired. I started around 1PM and have been working on it on and off all day, more on than off. There were a lot more scratches than I thought, so I had to spend a lot of time with the 3000 grit and the heavy cutting compound. Even had to make a run to grab some 2000 grit and some (fucking) tar remover.

That said, I was able to eliminate or reduce like 90% of the little scratches, which is neat. I also found some larger ones I wasn’t aware of.


I was just going to finish tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be nice... but then I remember I’m like... employed now so I should probably work.

I’ve finished with all the cutting and rubbing (hey....o?) and just finished polishing. I’ll remove the polish tonight but save the wax for tomorrow.

My arms are going to huuuuuuuuurt tomorrow.

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