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Late Night Unnecessary Car Shopping

Me: I’m trying to change jobs and move 1000 miles, I don’t need to go buying more cars yet.

Also Me: But...718 Caymans are a steal right now! And I want a 6 cyl M5 and a 5 cyl Audi!


Mods are unfortunate, but that’s a lot of Cayman for the money. Best value I’ve seen.


OMG, this M5. I still love these. I decided against buying one a decade ago when they were 10k.


Been keeping my eye on this one. I’m sure by the end of the auction it’ll double in price (much like the white one that sold on Dougslist last week)


Damn. UrsS6 Avant. $5k. Maybe I need to take a road trip to Chicago.

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