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Late nite oppo

Just finished filing my taxes. Hopefully that still mtters long enough to get paid out. I’d like to buy new injectors and possibly a rebuild for my MazdaBishi.

Sitting back after tossing El Ten Eleven’s Banker Hill on the turntable and sipping a sparkling water, I had some late nite ruminations and thought I’d share.


Feel free to add to or argue.

Toy car “collection” pic for fun.

I don’t seriously collect. But for a while my wife bought and sold vintage toys and I kept what I wanted.

Illustration for article titled Late nite oppo
Illustration for article titled Late nite oppo

If the Aztec concept had been released by Subaru or Toyota today (and said concept fleshed out by either Toyota or Subaru and not GM) it would sell pretty well.

I cannot decide if it’s big oil or big government who doesn’t let us have all the cool diesels the rest of the world has. Either way it comes down to lost revenue. Either rvenue lost due to lack of fuel being bought because of increased mileage, or revenue lost due to taxes not getting paid on said fuel not being bought, due to increased mileage.


When I was a kid my dad had a fetish for 60s mustangs that lasted until a couple years ago(he’s always been a mechanic. Farm or otherwise). Now he doesn’t really care about cool or not cool cars. How do I not do that when I get “old”? He’s only 61...

Is it bad that I purposely do not drive cars newer than 2006 because I'm afraid I'll want one and I'm perfectly stoked on my old junk right now?

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