Late Nite pondering

I love my car. I’ve always wanted one just like it. It’s the perfect car for cruising American highways, and when I got it, that’s how I intended to use it...

How it be.
Photo: BJR

When I bought the car, I was moving out of my parents house for the first time, I had a corporate job that required me to travel very far each day. I was doing 1k miles a week and that Cruze was just terrible, so I wanted something like my old DeVille, but better. I was actually originally looking at Regal GSs (like my Cruze, but better?) however, the 300 came alone and was very nice and cheaper than the regal GS. It had more miles, was older and RWD, not AWD, but I liked it anyway. I loved the styling and had wanted a 2nd gen 300 since it came out. It’s been a great car to me ever since,m. That said, my warranty will be up soon, and even though I’ve driven the car 32k miles since I got it and it hasn’t given me any serious issues, I’m starting to sweat a little bit.


Recently, my life has adjusted to the point that I don’t really need a big long range cruiser anymore. I also haven’t really had access to a manual transmission since my dad stuffed his Viggen into a deer a little over 2 years ago, and I miss shifting gears, damnit! All this VW posting lately got me thinking, in particular my good oppo friends Jordan Phillips and ImmortalMinority, and I ran numbers, turns out, if I have any equity in the 300 at all I can trade it in on a GTI lease and lower my payment/shorten my financial obligation. I also qualified for their recent grad program and have exceptional credit.

I really love Jordan’s green one, and I like how well equipped and well put together these cars seem to be. I plan on test driving one soon to see if I like it.

I guess I’ll keep y’all updated.

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