If you remember a while back on old TopGear they showed a modern take on the Aston Martin DB5 called the Speedback GT by a company called David Brown. It just happened that the guy making the new car was called David Brown and nothing to do with the original Aston Martin David Brown the ‘DB’ is named after.

The Speedback GT comes in at £495,000 +VAT (20% in the U.K).

If that’s too rich for your pockets.

They as of April this year also do a Mini Remastered which is £75,000 + tax


and two limited editions of

‘inspired by Cafe Racers’ which is £80,000 + tax.

1275cc, 78bhp 4 cylinder 4 speed.


and ‘inspired by Monte Carlo’ which is £82,500 + tax.

1300cc, 98bhp 4 cylinder 4 speed.