Late20 Guide: Third Gen Prelude (4WS)

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While the first-generation Prelude was a glorified, albeit positively received, Accord, and the second-generation Prelude married a competent chassis with a gutless engine, the third-generation was the first Prelude to establish itself as a hardcore performance car which could punch seriously above its weight class.


Significantly, Honda introduced mechanical four-wheel steering (4WS) to the world with the third-generation Prelude Si. Contemporary reports such as @roadandtrack’s review of the car noted the quantitative improvements that accompanied 4WS, but raved about the increase in confidence and feedback provided by the system. Of course, R&T also ended their 1988 review with the proclomation that 4WS would become as commonplace as fuel injection and radial tires, so take that with a grain of salt.

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