Living in Europe for a couple of years gave me a little perspective on its low cost airlines market. We may have Southwest, Jet Blue, Frontier and a few others, but in Europe there are many, many LCC’s. Every country, big and small, seems to have at least one. But only a few are truly pan continental.

Ryanair is obviously the biggest, followed by Easyjet. Those two are huge and take the lion’s share.


Norwegian is a medium to larege European airline, with transatlantic and global ambitions.

Vueling and Eurowings are medium size LCC’s that belong to legacy carriers, Iberia and Lufthansa.

Finally we move to Eastern Europe. There you’ll find Wizz Air, a very frugal Hungarian airline that’s part of the Indigo Partners group. And Blue Air, a rather ambitious Romanian airline, who has an increasing presence on Spanish airports and seems to be trying to emulate Ryanair.

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