I have an older iPod that I keep in my van. It connects to an older Pioneer stereo which I can use to control the iPod. Anyway, I need to update the music on the iPod because it hasn’t been done in ages, but Apple, in its infinite wisdom, has set it up so that I have to erase the contents of the iPod to sync the new music. Thanks Apple. There is stuff on the iPod that I don’t have originals of any more and that I don’t want to lose.


Many years ago, I used some downloadable software (I think it was called PodUtil or something) that allowed me to transfer the contents of the iPod to my computer. That old software is long dead, and everything I’ve found since has been crapware.

Does anybody have any suggestions for software that I can use to transfer music from a click-wheel iPod to my computer? Oh yeah, I’m on an older iMac (10.11.6). Do you sense a theme here?

Thanks in advance, because I’m going to bed.

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