Added a small 2-part tyre rack! Now I can stow away my Spitfire wheels and the MGF alloys that will be going on my Spit when it’s finished :) I’d put it all the way across, but I’d have to get rid of my little plaque with badges on (the only thing that’s not there for pure function in the garage). I’ve got an Alfa badge, the BMW badge off the E36 that I pranged and then fixed and a Bertone badge of the little X1/9 that got hit by a tree.

I’ve also made another iteration of the shelf at the front of the garage with left-over shelves from household IKEA units. It’s got 4 levels now and a place for the wood blocks to cushion jacks and jack stands.

I’ve also come up with a clever plan for the overhead storage, but I’ll make a little sketch tomorrow and talk about it more then ;)


The rest of the garage is here :)