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Latest of Happenings: 2012 XC90

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So, wife and I traded my beloved GTI Autobahn (4dr, MT, 2012 w/36k) for a 2012 XC90 w/ certified warranty, 59k miles, premier plus package. Not my car, but exact match above.

Not as “trucky” as I wanted, but Toyota doesn’t do it for me (except Landcruiser...but $$), Jeep GC models we wanted were too much money, a white LandRover LR3 almost happened, but didn’t because #reliability.

It’s super comfortable, really fits our lifestyle in the PNW these days - road trips, mountain/skiing trips, camping, sleeping w/ full fold-flat seats, AWD, etc.

Any advice/comments? I negotiated a tint for front windows - 70% just for the slightest touch of sleekness and UV protection. I’m also thinking of switching the alloys to R design.


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