Winched the engine off the stand, lowered it onto the chassis and hooked up the transmission to the back. It's starting to look like a car again, although just for a little while :)

This is to offer up the rear gearbox mount so I can find out how to attach it to the chassis. As I've got the saloon/TR6 gearbox it's a decent bit bigger than the little Spitfire/GT6 one, and the mounts are in a completely different location.

The plan was to drill some holes into the chassis/fab up a bracket that would connect to the TR6 engine mount I've bought, but unfortunately that makes the whole thing sit very high. That's bad for the UJs on the driveshaft as they'll be at a tighter angle, and bad for clearance to the body.

So, the new plan is to bolt the flexible couplings directly to the chassis in the location where the old Spitfire/GT6 engine mount went, and fab up a bracket that will bolt to the end of the gearbox as opposed to the end of the overdrive unit. You can see the rough placement in this pic, as well as what I presume is the engine mount for the saloon.


So first order of business was to chop off a little bit of the lip on the flexible mountings so they'd sit flush on the chassis.


Second order of business was to realise that I haven't got any metal sheet thick enough to fabricate the brackets needed and go down the pub :)