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Latest update on my week from hell

Well, the good news is that I haven’t been burgled since Tuesday (amazing how your perspective on “good news” changes after a disaster) and the other good news is that, miraculously, I salvaged my direct deposit this week, so I got paid today after all. Pure dumb luck.

I haven’t gotten very far in cleaning up the mess or identifying everything that was stolen; the latter task will never fully complete, because it’ll be years before I remember “Oh, yeah, I used to have that gadget.” Fortunately most of my important Jeep gear is in storage.


I’m basically living out of my backpack for now; I’m careful to never leave my work or personal laptop in the house when I leave (so very glad I had them both with me Monday), and I have a few winter odds & ends (like very warm gloves) that I similarly don’t want to lose.

But because the thieves have both my Jeep and Tuffy keys, I also can’t leave anything important locked in the Jeep while I’m parked at home, so my winter gear and backpack are constantly migrating between home and Jeep. I don’t leave my chargers hooked up at home, so I’m basically unpacking all my charging gear every couple of days to keep my gadgets running.


Fortunately my back is just strong enough to close and lock an old gate across my driveway, so they can’t trivially jump in the Jeep and take off while I sleep.

I should be able to get the stolen Jeep key wiped from the system, but only after I get my OBD-II port working again which means chasing down a short-circuit which means finding a good auto electrician because I’ve cut just about every wire I feel comfortable cutting and the circuit still shorts.

I have to steal my own mailbox yet this weekend, since they stole the only mailbox key I had; rip it off the post, bring it inside, break it open to get my mail out, and replace it before I tell the post office to start delivering mail again.

Home ownership sucks. Thieves suck. Living in constant fear sucks. At least getting my paycheck has given me a new burst of optimism that I can push through this.

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