This is my rig for trying to bend the chassis back into shape. I think it must have been in a light front-end collision at some point in its life as one of the outriggers at the front is slightly higher than the other, causing the bonnet to sit at a funny angle. You can see it in this pic:

I've found the slight deformations in the metal where it's been bent upwards, so I heated it up with the oxy-acetylene, weighted down the chassis with two spitfire diffs, a Jag 5-speed and a random flywheel, and tried to bend it downwards with a socking great metal bar.

No movement.

Tried heating it up and hitting it with the biggest lump hammer I have, as well as leaning on the bar.


Still no movement.

Then I noticed just how much of the outrigger was disintegrating as I was bashing it, so I started poking around to find out how rusty they are. Turns out they're really quite rusty. And repaired in places with cardboard and filler.

Stunning :)

So, the current plan is to chop them open to replace the dead metal with fresh stuff, and also mount the higher one a bit lower while I'm at it.


Also, hopefully the right sized thrust washers will arrive tomorrow so I can press on with the engine rebuild :)