I thought that I had engaged launch control before and figured that it just wasn’t that impressive/something was not working. The car would rev up, then bog down like a bad manual launch. I don’t encounter many stretches of road that are both reasonable and safe enough for me to try it out. Saturday I found myself first in line at the red light, looking straight on at a long highway entrance ramp with no traffic. So I figured that I would give it another try.

It turns out that you really have to stand on the brake to get launch control to engage. I briefly warned my fiancee and my dog before we launched. My fiancee made a face that looked like she just took a bite out of a lemon and then exclaimed that it “tickled her brain”. Then she asked that I not do that again until she had a chance to recover. Miles (the dog) just looked at me disapprovingly like “fuck you dad, you know that kind of stuff scares me.”

I expected a FWD launch as the Haldex AWD system is mostly FWD. However it was the rear wheels that spun as we took off. The flappy paddle box in this car is pretty smart! I forgot how weird hard acceleration feels with AWD, no push, no pull, just stand up & go.

There are 5 or 6 other guys in my office that have cars with launch control and didn’t even know about it until I told them this morning. I’m supposed to give an instructional at lunch. Monday ain’t so bad.


I hope everyone had a good weekend!