I came outside to my car to go to work this morning and found a $50 ticket on my windshield. It was for being parked within 30 feet of a stop sign. To be fair, it was about 28 feet which I guess isn’t good enough. I know it’s within 30 but still, I don’t think 2 feet would make a difference. The thing is, the three spots in this area (I parked at the one closest to the corner) were all metered spots. All three meters were either broken or damaged, so the city took all three out. They only replaced the center spot meter (?????) but the meter before and after were not replaced. The spot I was in therefore was not a metered spot. People have been parking here for ages without a meter and never got a ticket. Mine was at 11:30 last night. You’d think the police in a large city with a very decent amount of time would have better things to do.

Is it worth fighting? I was under the impression that because it used to be a metered spot, it’s a legal place to park. Unless the only reason people didn’t get ticketed was because it was metered? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Here’s a track built E92 for your time.