Lawn Equipment - The Ups and Downs (Help!)

Since my girl has moved to Raleigh (NC) I have been visiting more frequently while looking for a job in the area (since I just graduated). The girl she took over a lease for in her new house took the lawnmower with her so the yard was turning into a bit of a mess.

The Up - I picked up a LawnBoy 10227 Silver Series from my boss. It has a funny little side wheel and is a neat little mower.


It had been sitting under about a foot of pine straw behind his shed for at least 5 years. Knowing my boss it was because one day it stopped and he didn’t bother to even try to fix it. I replaced the pull string, string return spring, air filter, primer bulb, and spark plug; and replaced the safety handle with an on off switch all to the tune off around $30 and some stuff I had laying around my garage. The LawnBoy is a two-stroke push mower, something I have never heard of before but it runs like a champ and cuts quite well. It is also the loudest push mower I have ever heard.

The Down -

A couple years back I also got a John Deere brand trimmer from my boss, all it needed was a primer bulb and fuel filter and line. It is a cheaper model that was actually built by HomeLite. It had a edger attachment that my dad used all last summer. I decided to bring it along to assist in the yard work for my girlfriends house. Well now that I get it here I can’t get it to run to save my life. I have cleaned and attempted to adjust the carb. It will run for a second and then die if I give it throttle. It last’s a little longer if I leave it choked, but not much. So help me out Oppo? What the heck is going on with the thing. Being the hard-headed handyman that I am I really don’t want to pay someone to look at it.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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